Monday, August 10, 2009


What is it with kids and tents? I mean, you throw a sheet over a chair and drape it across the bed, and you’ve occupied a kid for hours. I guess I just don’t quite get the attraction, but Kensie—boy does that kid love a tent! I thought I’d go out and buy her one to set up in her room since she’s always asking me to make one for her. You know, a cute pink one that has flowers and butterflies on it to match her room (when did I become this girly!). But then my mom (the ever-wise one) asked me this simple question: Why? Of course, how very true: Why? Why would I go out and spend money on a cute little pink tent to match her room when I can just throw a sheet over a couple of chairs and call it a day? It’s like having pets (those of you who know me, you know I always have a few critters around): You go out and buy them all these expensive toys, and they end up gnawing on a box or batting at a piece of string instead of chewing on the $5 bone you bought or playing with the furry fake mouse on which you spent five minutes choosing the perfect color. It’s fitting, really, being that Kensie was raised by dogs and has always considered herself a member of the canine family. Decision made: Save the $40 I would have spent at Target on a tent and throw up a pretty bedsheet covered in flowers and butterflies.