Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Tomorrow it will be a full year since my last blog post. Some of you don't even know that I write a blog! A lot has happened this past year, which is part of the reason why I haven't blogged in so long. I needed time for myself and my daughter—time to grow and to change, to move forward and to move on. It was time I needed to get to the place I am today: still a work in progress but a bit quieter, a tad clearer, and much freer.

In short, this past year has included changes in every aspect of our lives: We moved across the country (well, halfway across anyway), I began working from home, Kensie started kindergarten (and, as of next week, will finish kindergarten), we've both made a bunch of new friends, my mom sold an old and bought a new house, we went on our first (well, K's first) camping trip, Kensie learned to ride a bike, my Pug Shakespeare went blind and deaf, we lived through our first winter with snow (and more snow, and even more snow), my Samoyed Dakota tore his ACL, our family business progressed to near-launch (finally!), my dad got a pacemaker, and Kensie and I (and my parents) became full-fledged Kansans (Lawrencians, to be exact).

So as of today, I'm getting back in the (blogger) saddle again. My plan is to write a couple of blog posts a week to start, for the same reason I started this blog back in 2009: Kensie. I want to keep a record of our lives together for her to read when she's older, maybe even to show her own kids someday. I wish my parents had done something like this so I knew more of their history, even day-to-day idiosyncrasies about my own life. It’s something I would cherish if I had it, and I know Kensie will, someday, as well. Though my time is like gold these days, I plan to make this blog a priority. I may need a break time and again, but I hope to never put it down for as long as I did this past year.

To our new friends here in Kansas, I promise not to mention names, but I can’t promise what you do won’t make it into a post. But I will try to keep it kid-friendly!